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You just wanted…
Well, you wanted a lot of things
and you didn’t quite know what to do
when you didn’t get them.
You wanted power without responsibility.
You wanted favors without owing anybody
You didn’t want to owe her anything.
But you did.
You owed her so very much.
Everyone in the game keeps score
but it’s poor sportsmanship
to reveal that to your opponent.
You shouldn’t have made her your opponent.
That wasn’t fair to her.
She gave you everything she had
and you consumed it
and asked for more.
You just wanted…. more.
You wanted All This and more.
You wanted to bite the hand that fed you
and lick it at the same time.
You wanted to win every battle
and leave without any war wounds.
You wanted a hand to hold, warm arms to sleep in, someone to fuck the thoughts right out of you.
This had nothing to do with her.
You wanted to stand still and acquire.
And after she made her grand exit,
you just wanted… to love her right.
But you weren’t even close,
not even when you could have been.
You just wanted everything.
But playing All or Nothing
didn’t leave you with much of anything.
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